Iconic Designer Bags You Need to Invest in Now
26 Aug

Iconic Designer Bags You Need to Invest In Now

Fashion, as we all know, comes and goes. One day it’s a trend, and the next thing you know it’s a no-no to be seen in it. Fashion lovers know the struggle of buying a pricey, trendy piece only to use it a couple of times because the fad, apparently, has faded. Designer bags, for […]

Louis Vuitton's Monogram Eclipse is the New Black
22 Aug

Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Eclipse Is the New Black

  Travel has been the core of French luxury brand Louis Vuitton since its inception in 1854. From the classic trunks to the coveted Keepall weekender bag, the brand’s designs focus on making travel effortless and polished. For L.V. menswear designer Kim Jones, finding new ways to express these travel-minded pursuits has been the driving […]

2-Minute Beauty Tricks to Amp Up Your Look
10 Aug

2–Minute Beauty Tricks to Amp up your Look

For those always on the run, a full make-up routine is definitely a no-go. Defined eyebrows, a little bit of blush, and a swipe of lipstick would be enough for that everyday polished look for work. But when you need to impress a very important client, you know you’ll need to take your make-up game […]

The Truth About Beachkins
04 Aug

The Truth about Beachkins

No matter how much we try to cultivate an honest industry, there seems to be a never ending supply and demand for counterfeits in the country. From handbags, shoes, cosmetic products, and even food, fake products abound in the market everywhere you go. Counterfeiters especially profit in the luxury handbag industry where they sell copied […]