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7 Bags You Should Try this 2022

7 Bags You Should Try this 2022 Out with the old and in with the new! It’s time to try something you’ve never done before. It’s time to explore things you think you can never do and it’s time to spice up your wardrobe and try on new styles and bags that you’ve never tried …

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Christmas Gifts of Leather

Christmas Gifts of Leather It’s the most wonderful season of all – it’s Christmas! It’s the time where families gather to celebrate, where friends make time to reunite after a year of working, where malls are filled with people looking for presents and where online shops are bustling with deliveries and orders. This is also …

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Repair and Restoration Treats for Your Leather Treasures

  Repair and Restoration Treats for Your Leather Treasures Surprise your loved ones by giving their valued leather items a makeover: #DLGifted The holiday season is the time of the year we celebrate and give thanks to people around us. It is not just a season of gift-giving but a universal language of love where …

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Scratches and Stains: The Leather Screams

Scratches and Stains: The Leather Screams   Have you ever felt that tingling sensation whenever you’re about to purchase a new leather bag or shoes? It’s like your heart’s about to burst with so much happiness – even more so when you actually purchased it. However, as much as it brought you happiness during that …

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Why It Pays to Have Real Leather Items

Genuine leather is one of the most desirable materials available for luxury items such as bags and shoes. Its ability to withstand the test of time is what makes it a luxury material must-have. Leather’s popularity is rooted in its renowned quality and durability as well as its unique style and timelessness. The resilience of …

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Genuine Leather: The Best Material for your Bag

For years people have been using leather for clothing, accessories and footwear. Its durability and ability to withstand heavy usage has made it a common material for bags.  However not all leather bags are actually made of real leather. Genuine leather is considered to be one of the most desirable and aesthetically pleasing materials to …

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I’m Only Happy When It Rains (But Your Leather Won’t Be)

    Rainy weather doesn’t always bring gloomy feels. Just like in Garbage’s song released in 1995, some people are happy when it rains. However rainy weather is an enemy of our leather loves. Leather can become wet, but that isn’t a good idea. When leather gets soaked, major issues emerge the moment leather …

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Your Cheat Sheet in Scoring Vintage Luxury Bag

Brand new designer luxury bags come with a hefty price. Recently, people are getting fond of buying vintage or pre-owned luxury bags. Some vintage bags can be bought with significant discount and you still get to own a piece of history with only minor signs of wear. Some can also be priced much higher than …

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Leather VS. Leatherette: Know the Difference

Image from: Which will work for me better? Which of these two will last longer? Which of these two is better? And most importantly, how are these two different from each other? When it comes to leather, it is very easy for us to mistake the real ones to the fake ones. But if …

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