Our expertise stems from years of research, honing our skills and upgrading our tools to continuously bring you the best in leather repair and restoration.

Bag Cleaning and Restoration

Your old bags can say goodbye to spots, stains and wrinkles with a thorough cleaning and restoration process by our leather specialists

Change of Lining

Keep your bag in top shape inside and out with a fresh lining for that over-all “new bag” look.

Change of Handle

Tattered, torn or discolored? Let our specialist give your bag handles a makeover!


Let our specialists keep those metal logos, zipper, handles, or straps shiny and looking new!


Don’t let your bags beauty come undone with a torn stitch! Our specialists will take care of those rips and holes like no other.

Zipper Repair

Let the expert hands of our specialists fix your zipper problems and you’ll surely have your bag looking good again.

Shoes Cleaning and Restoration

Let our specialists tend to your branded shoes and we guarantee a “good as new” look.

Change Sole

Extend the life of your favorite shoes by regularly replacing your soles, let our specialists do the work for you!

Wallet Repair and Restoration

Our specialists will make sure those branded wallets will look and feel new like their matching bags.

Accessories Repair and Restoration

Leather or not, our specialists will take the beauty of your precious accessories to a new level.