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15 Outfit Ideas to Celebrate the Holidays

You’re probably looking forward to a lot of things during the holiday season, like finally getting together with close friends and family, eating good food, and getting dressed up in holiday clothes. After all, this is the time of year for fancy parties and catching up with loved ones.

If you’re still not sure what to wear to the holiday events this year, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together ideas for holiday outfits that you can probably mix and match. Whether you like velvet, sparkles, knits, or prints, there are some fun ideas for every style.


Something Red

Red is a classic holiday color, but celebrity stylist Mickey Freeman has some suggestions for how to wear it in a more modern way.

Choosing classic pieces like a red knit top and pencil skirt or a red mid-length dress with interesting textures or ornate embellishments can make all the difference in the world. 

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A Mix of Plaid and Velvet

Even now, a combination of plaid and velvet is a staple of the holiday season. This brings us to a classic holiday outfit combination: tartan print and velvet. For an elegant and fancy look in, pair your favorite bodysuit with a velvet blazer and trouser.

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Statement Pants

Focus on the bottom half of your holiday outfit if you like simple clothes but still want to make a statement this year. When worn with a white blouse or a sleek black turtleneck, a pair of patterned or leather pants will really stand out.

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Winter Whites

Something about a winter white is so romantic and classy. To spice up this all-white look, play with different textures. Choose a stylish knit, or look for something dainty or fancy.

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An Oversized Sweater Dress

A sweater dress is everything: it is comfortable, stylish, and useful. Also, it’s a one-piece outfit that can be made more exciting in many ways. Add layered necklaces, chunky boots, a blazer, or even an extra knit for a look that’s easy but not boring for a party with friends.

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Plaid Pieces

Plaid is the perfect pattern for an outfit, and not just because it makes you feel like the holidays. If you have a checkered dress in your closet that you don’t wear often, try wearing it over a turtleneck for a preppy look, or pair your favorite chunky sweater with a pair of plaid pants that stand out.

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Something Metallic

A silver or gold dress will add sparkle to your holiday outfit. You can choose whatever shape and style you want. Choose the silhouette that makes you feel the most like yourself, and then add a personal touch with accessories to really stand out at your next event.

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A Blazer and Bold Skirt

Whether it’s ruffled, tulle, satin, beaded, or something else, a pleated or embellished skirt can be a great piece to style around for a holiday party. Make it the focus of your outfit and pull it all together with a solid blazer and boots.

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A Midi Dress or Skirt Set

If your family event is more formal, choose a mid-length dress or, even better, a skirt set that matches. It’s easy to throw on, but you can add accessories to make it your own. It also goes well with any shoe, whether it’s boots, sneakers, or heels.

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A Loungewear-like Look

Pajamas or holiday outfit? A velvet set has the appearance of both. The fabric is lovely and festive, but it’s also stretchy like loungewear, so you can move around and can be comfortable all night.

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A Matching Set

You can wear joggers and your favorite sneakers to a holiday party with your friends or a knitted crop top and skirt. But if you want to make things even easier, you could also go with a neutral or bright matching set, which you can make even more stylish by color blocking with your shoes.

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A Cardigan and Jeans

A cute button-up cardigan can add a holiday touch to everyday clothes like jeans and t-shirts. Choose something in pastel and wear it with denim pants. Cute and cozy look, done!

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A Suit Full of Sequins

Putting on sparkly clothes is half the fun of the holiday season. Replace your regular suits with sequins to take things to a fun new level. If this move seems too much, try a darker set or neutral basics like black boots or a white structured shirt to tone it down.

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Go with Emerald

If you don’t have much red in your closet or just don’t like the color, go with emerald, which is another classic holiday color.

Red looks really fun and sophisticated but it’s kind of obvious. Find a deep emerald dress or top and look great with heels or over-the-knee boots.

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Shorts and a Tee

When you’re thinking about what to wear on a holiday picnic, most of your clothes should be for daytime. If you want to look more fashionable but still want to be comfortable, look for linen shorts or tailored cotton shorts that don’t give up breathability. Pair with your best sunglasses for a look that’s ready to take on the day.

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Most people find the holiday season exciting and full of energy. That is why you need to start finding the best outfits you can wear so you can look definitely great without missing the fun. With all these outfit ideas, one thing that can complete your OOTD is an accessory that can achieve that dream look you’ve been eyeing since the start of the year. Pair your outfits with authentic leather bags from your favorite brands. If you think they need some cleaning and repair, bring them to our stores so you can always keep its shine and luster like it has never been used. 

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