Beat the Heat with Summer's Top 5 Trends
26 Mar

Beat The Heat With Summer’s Top 5 Trends

Temperatures are warming up the globe as well as the runway as we slowly transitions to one of the most awaited season for fashion: summer. It’s time to bring out the bright colors and beautiful tropical patterns from your closet and into the streets. And to help you catch on summer’s latest fashion, we’ve rounded […]

A Guy's Guide to Looking Good Under a Graduation Robe
20 Mar

A Guy’s Guide To Looking Good Under A Graduation Robe

Graduation season is near and for some of you, this means saying goodbye to pulling all-nighters for projects and exams while binging on coffee and energy drinks. You’ve reached the end of your four-year course, and like what they say, it’s time to enter the real world. You only get to wear that toga and […]

6 Dresses to Perfectly Match Your Toga
10 Mar

6 Dresses to Perfectly Match Your Toga

It seems like the year just started weeks back but then you realize we’re almost halfway through March! The school year is coming to an end and for some of you, school’s out for good. Graduation is just around the corner and collegiate fashionistas are surely on the hunt for the perfect dress to wear […]

10 Gym Bags that Work as Hard as You Do
05 Mar

10 Gym Bags That Work as Hard as You Do

Remember the days when going to the gym means sporting a sweaty shirt and ripped-up sweats (or glammed-up ones if you’re into Juicy Couture)? Gone are the days of neglecting your style in the gym! Now we take our workout outfits as seriously as we take fitness – from the type of training shoes to […]