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7 Leather Myths and the Facts Behind Them

Leather is a material that has been loved by a lot of people for centuries. Oftentimes, it is associated with luxury, durability, and style. However, like any popular subject, leather comes with its fair share of myths and misconceptions. To understand more about this popular material in the fashion world, learn some of the most common leather myths and the facts behind them.

Myth 1: Leather products are all made from the same animal

Fact: While leather is generally made from animal hides, the types of animals used can vary. The most common is cowhide, but leather can also come from goats, sheep, pigs, and even more exotic animals like alligators and snakes. The type of animal used greatly influences the texture, durability, and cost of the leather.

Myth 2: Leather is completely waterproof

Fact: Leather can resist some moisture, but it is not completely waterproof. You can get leather wet, just not excessively. When it is exposed to excessive water, it can lead to damage, stretching, and loss of natural oils. It is important to protect leather items from rain and other sources of moisture, and to immediately dry them if they get wet. 

Myth 3: The smell of genuine leather can easily identify it

Fact: It is true that genuine leather often has a distinctive smell, but it is not a reliable method of authentication. Many leather products are treated with chemicals and dyes that can change the natural smell. So, it is not guaranteed and accurate that a leather item is genuine by just smelling it. 

Myth 4: Cleaning leather goods is difficult

Fact: Leather goods are easy to clean; you just need a piece of cotton cloth and lukewarm water. The process is simple but different from washing other fabrics; you just need to soak a cotton piece into lukewarm water and gently rub the stained area. You can do this twice a month or depending on your leather’s needs.

Also, using any detergents or related cleansing agents might degrade the texture of leather jackets, leather bags, or other leather accessories. One way to maintain the beauty and luster of your leather items is by using Doctor Leather Disinfectant Spray. This helps to remove germs and dirt on your treasured pieces. Along with this product is a Deodorizer that can keep your leather smelling fresh all day.

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Myth 5: Color of leather fades over time

Fact: Another common myth is that the color of the leather accessories fades away easily. Among all other materials, leather is considered the most vibrant and most durable. However, just like any other material, it needs routine care and conditioning. One way of preventing it from fading is by not exposing it to sunlight or heat for a long period of time. It will make the leather dry and create tiny cracks on the surface, reducing the overall life of the products. 

Myth 6: Leather is indestructible

Fact: Despite being known for its durability, leather is not indestructible. It can be scratched, scuffed, and worn down over time. Proper care and maintenance can extend the life of leather items, but they will eventually show signs of use, which can also add to their character and charm.

Myth 7: Cost determines the quality of leather products

Fact: Some people say that the more expensive the leather product, the better will be its quality. But, cost does not determine the durability of the leather. Its quality depends on various aspects such as leather types, tanning process, design, brand, availability, and more. All these components contribute to the final and balanced cost of your leather bags or accessories.

As a leather enthusiast, it is important to understand your beloved items. Now that you know the myths and the facts behind them, it will be easier for you to provide the proper treatment they deserve. While leather has many exceptional qualities, it’s also important to have realistic expectations about its characteristics and care requirements. Appreciate leather for what it truly is: a versatile, beautiful, and unique material that has stood the test of time.