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7 Types of Jewelry Every Man Should Own

7 Types of Jewelry Every Man Should Own

Often overlooked by men because of fear of tackiness, men’s jewelry is often reduced to watches and arm bands that serve as merely garnish for your outfit. But it is much more than that. Jewelry should be treated like a side dish, an accessory that completes and complements your style. A part of the whole.

Here we’ve gathered 7 timeless jewelry pieces you can invest in so you can adorn your chest, wrists and fingers in silver and gold while still looking dapper.


Going for an heirloom-like necklace doesn’t only make your look more relaxed, it also adds meaning to your look. The Copenhagen necklace from Cartography NYC is made out of pieces the designer got from his travels all over the world, making each piece one-of-a-kind.


7 Types of Jewelry Every Man Should Own


Ladies aren’t the only ones who should enjoy vintage jewelry pieces. With the right style, men can also benefit from the unique look that vintage pieces lend. Whether you’re going casual or suit up, you can trust on the Eye Of Providence Ring from Kelly Cole to make your outfit look more edgy.


7 Types of Jewelry Every Man Should Own


The one jewelry that all men need is a great watch that looks masculine and timeless because it makes every outfit look better. Make sure to invest on a classic watch, like Rolex’s Cellini Time, that not only looks stylish but also made to last a lifetime.

7 Types of Jewelry Every Man Should Own



If you’re looking to add a little bit of toughness and edge while still looking polished, a manly signet pinky ring will do the trick. Try David Yurman’s Heirloom Streamline Signet Ring to complete your look next time.

7 Types of Jewelry Every Man Should Own


If you’re not really into jewelry, a tie bar is a good accent to your outfit. It can amp up your look depending on it’s style and as little as it is, it can embolden a suit and take it to another level.

This Gold Shot tie bar from The Tie Bar can transform your suit from plain to gold in just a snap.

7 Types of Jewelry Every Man Should Own


A classic chain necklace is a good place to start for men who need help opening up to the idea of wearing jewelry. Paired with a cool watch, this David Yurman 18k Gold Small Fluted Chain Necklace can add flair to your look.

7 Types of Jewelry Every Man Should Own


When it comes to men’s jewelry, a bracelet is definitely a go-to piece alongside a watch and a ring. Keep the pieces non-descript though, and keep in mind to wear only two of these at the same time. A simple and masculine piece like this Werkstatt Munchen Hammered Bracelet is a good choice for stylish men.

7 Types of Jewelry Every Man Should Own

Keep in mind that investing in top-quality pieces will definitely come with a hefty price.

But don’t be afraid to experiment with your jewelry and remember that you don’t have to buy outrageously expensive pieces; there are a lot of brands that offer great jewelry without breaking your bank.