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A Glimpse into the Future of Fashion at London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week has developed well beyond its historical origins, surpassing the runway to become a platform for groundbreaking ideas and modern designs that are shaping the future of fashion. As the fashion week took place last September 15-19, 2023, London once again proved itself as the world’s most innovative fashion hub, with creative designs that included flower pots and bags made from discarded sneakers, laser cut dresses, suits made from upholstery fabric, repurposed army shirts and football jerseys and much more.

Included in the highlights of the Fashion Week are established brands like Burberry, Paul Costelloe, Molly Goddard, David Koma and Malan Breton’s final show, plus a new crop of designers from BFC NEWGEN and Fashion Scout. As always, London Fashion Week has brought together some of the most creative and innovative minds in fashion, culture, and technology. 

Stuart Trevor

Stuart Trevor and John Vincent, the co-founders of All Saints, worked together to launch  Stuart Trevor. It is a fashion brand built on sustainability that uses existing clothes, deadstock fabric, recycled yarn and organic cotton, linen and hemp that were supposed to be thrown away[. Military shirts, overalls, leather jackets, silk pajamas and more are rebranded, cut up, reimagined and handcrafted with care. Stuart Trevor pondered about having already far too many clothes in the world and the last thing people need is another clothing brand. So, he thought that it’s a brilliant idea to launch a clothing brand that doesn’t produce any clothing. The result is not only highly covetable items but a new brand that’s good for the planet.

Sagaboi x Etape

Geoff Cooper, the designer of Sagaboi, has collaborated with Ukrainian accessories brand Etape to create a collection of gorgeous leather handbags. The bags feature Sagaboi’s village print and link two people separated by decades and thousands of miles, but eventually united. The bag pops with color, energy, style and above all, confidence and hope. It comes in four colors: black, orange, green and yellow.

Helen Kirkum

Helen Kirkum has increased the variety of household items in her upcycled line, such as flower pots constructed from old shoes. Along with a crossbody bag made completely of rescued tongue linings, there were also handcrafted tiny bags created from weaved and knotted shoelaces on display. Kirkum’s rebuilt shoes have grown to be recognized as their brand, as she recycles worn-out footwear to create something altogether new. 

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Fashion Show producer Global Fashion Collective presented WooLeex by Taiwanese design duo Jerry and Cynthia Hsieh. They created colorful menswear and womenswear featuring hand-painted graffiti, embroidery and a blend of different patterns and textures. Coats made from upcycled upholstery fabric stood out during the show.


In 2016, Francisco Zhou and Asya Ter-Hovakimyan founded Omniss, while still studying at London College of Fashion. They combined the imagination of AI and meticulous manual craftsmanship as they offered repurposed off-cuts and pre-existing articles during the London Fashion Week. Sustainable materials are used to create durable pieces in sustainable ways. The idea is to invest in one well-made pair of pants or a dress that you can wear in a variety of ways, or in one jacket that you can change the collar on to create different looks.

Jayne Pierson

The luxurious woven fabrics, silks, and leather pleating used in Jayne Pierson’s art-driven designs are produced in West Wales. With hand-painted materials and custom direct to textile digital printing, the brand strives to be environmentally friendly. As a result of Stratasys’ use of 3D printing technology, it is possible to commit to producing in small, on-demand batches.

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London Fashion Week has always had an impact on the evolution of the fashion industry. The event provides a fascinating window into the future of fashion as sustainability, diversity, technology, and gender inclusion take center stage. The future of fashion appears more hopeful, sustainable, and inclusive than ever before, with London Fashion Week setting the standard. 

While there are certain styles that people would surely love to try, it’s important to remember that no matter what you wear, your most essential accessory is confidence. Fashion is not just about clothing; it’s about self-expression and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Whether you’re dressed in haute couture or your favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt, confidence is the key that unlocks true style. So, wear what makes you feel like the best version of yourself, and let your confidence radiate, because that’s the ultimate fashion statement.