02 Oct

A Hat for any Occasion


We always put on our hats to protect our head from the heat of the sun or from the chills of the rain but anyone with a fashion sense could use their trusty hats to add flair to their fashion game. This perfect guide to hats will not only protect your hair but will upgrade your fashion look for all occasions:


1. Fedora

A Hat for any Occasion



The sun is out and everything seems cheerful and bright. Better put on your fedora hat to make your casual outfit pop on a sunny day.


2. Sun Hat

A Hat for any Occasion



Perfect for the beach and summer gatherings, this hat is designed to protect your face and shoulders so you won’t have to worry about your skin getting burned while wearing your bikini.


3. Beanie

A Hat for any Occasion



Originally made to protect your hair from the cold, the beanie is now worn as a modern headpiece for every occasion because of its versatile look. Another up side to the beanie is you can wear it without fixing your hair.


4. Baseball Cap

A Hat for any Occasion



The baseball cap is easily the most popular hat in history. The cap is perfect when you want to go sporty and support your team in a big game.


5. Bowler Hat

A Hat for any Occasion



The bowler hat’s ability to dress up any outfit is unquestionable. Perfect to pair with long dresses, skirts, and blouses, you won’t go wrong with putting a bowler hat on for a formal event.


6. Retro Hat

A Hat for any Occasion



The retro hat was prominent during the prohibition era where underground parties kept rocking the USA.  The hat is a great way to stay classy while get your party on. And it’s also appropriate for formal events like weddings.


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