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Basic Tips to Care for Your Leather

Cracked, faded, stained and old-looking leather – surely, you wouldn’t want any of these to happen to your treasured pieces. Leather goods deserve to be taken care of and it is as important as ensuring the authenticity of your items. Among the natural materials, leather is one of the most durable; you just have to treat them right. However, when you use them regularly they are prone to a variety of damaging conditions. Taking care of them can help in preventing permanent damage so you can ensure its lifetime and pristine beauty.

Protecting your leather is actually simple and practicing these basic tips can keep it looking new.

Keep your leather items dry

Leather should be kept dry, but once it gets wet, let it dry naturally using a thick hand towel. Absorb as much water as possible before storing it in your closet.

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Store your leather goods properly

Ensure that your leather goods are kept away from direct sunlight and heat to prevent mildew, as well as discoloration. When exposed to sunlight, leather can also fade, shrink and become dry. Store your leather in its original non-woven fabric dust bag to keep it away from dust and avoid unexpected damage. Before you store your bag, stuff them with a clean towel or bubble wrap to retain its shape.

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Treat stains immediately

Remove stains on your leather items as soon as it happens. If there are many stains, use ordinary white chalk. Grind it until it turns into a powder and apply it to the stains. Leave it overnight, and then brush it off.

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Don’t let your beauty products get on your bag

Cosmetics may damage your leather so keep them far away from your leather bag. When you’re in a salon, make sure hair dyes and styling solutions do not get on your bag because it can lead to permanent damage. Perfumes, spray deodorants, and lotions can also destroy the beauty of your leather.

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Use protective sprays

Frequent use of your bags may lead to exposure to different chemicals. Maintain the fragrance and protect them from bacteria through products that treat your leather goods right. A Deodorizer and a Disinfectant spray from Doctor Leather both give protection to leather. You can use any of these anytime and anywhere as it is very handy and can actually fit to your go-to bag.




Let a professional cleaner do the cleaning of your leather

Doctor Leather is a leather care expert that has 16 branches nationwide. If any of your leather goods is subject for cleaning, restoration, or repair, you can go to any branch and let the professional cleaners do wonders to your treasured pieces. Don’t let any severe damage last for long; bring your item immediately to a DL store.

Purchasing leather goods requires you to do the proper care and handling to enjoy your investment’s worth and the material’s quality for years to come. The better you treat your leather accessories, the longer they last. Make sure that you follow the simple steps you learned so you can always have better-looking leather goods wherever you go.