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How Gentlemen Dress Better: The Basic Styling Tips Every Man Should Learn

While most women find it hard to choose which outfits to wear on a daily basis, men are the total opposite. They just literally put on a basic tee and denim pants on a casual day and they’re done. Nothing more, nothing less. Women would probably be complaining and asking why some men look so cool in just a T-shirt without even trying to look cool, while they already threw all colors of their dresses out of the closet yet still have nothing to wear. Here’s a secret: men have innate skills in dressing up; some just haven’t discovered it within themselves. 

Men don’t really try hard to be stylish. It just works effortlessly for them, at least to some. If you’re one of them, you’re lucky enough to not spend hours deciding which color or style to wear and which accessories suit best with your outfits. But, it’s also clearly obvious that many gentlemen stand out in their fashion sense. They know exactly the Do’s and Don’ts in looking their most professional and most presentable self. How do they do it? Learn about the basic tips as we put them together for you. 

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  • Get inspiration from well-dressed men

A number of men are not aware of the rules of fashion. They tend to consistently assume that they don’t have a sense of style because they wear the first thing they see and get from their closet. But, if you are asked for a list of men you admire in terms of style, you probably have some.  To dress up fashionably, getting inspired by a celebrity, politician or a fashion enthusiast is a good thing. This helps to identify your preferences and consider which styles you like to try and which you don’t.

  • Build your confidence 

Being confident should be applied to both men and women. The only difference is women normally dress up and wear makeup to be confident while men just shrug it off and continue wearing their usual outfits. A nice suit can go an extra mile in making a man confident in himself. The way you carry yourself changes the way you see the world. Whether you’re wearing a basic tee or a suit and tie, you have to feel powerful and empowered. Establish your self-confidence while you slowly upgrade your wardrobe.

  • Invest in a set of basics 

Have you heard about a capsule wardrobe? It’s a collection of clothing that you can mix and match with one another. Make sure to have classic colors that will serve as your signature style. Having a versatile set of clothes will allow you to be creative in your outfits.

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  • Use variety of neutrals 

Neutral colors are black, white, gray, navy brown and khaki. Having these colors in your closet will help you avoid creating a clash in your overall outfit. While many of you just wear whatever you picked first, you need to learn what colors pair perfectly so you don’t appear too boring nor flashy.  

  • Know when to tuck your shirt

Here’s a question you should ask yourself while you finish your look in front of the mirror. Will you tuck it in or not? Be careful because you might have the wrong choice and in a second, you could turn your outfit from cool to sloppy. To answer your question, straight hems (those that are flat with an even length all the way around) are made to be worn untucked. Those are polos, tees and sweaters. On the other hand, if the shirt has visible “tails”, which means that the hem extends in length at the back, rather than being even all the way around, it should always be tucked in. 

  • Learn to layer

One of the easiest styling tips is layering. It makes a simple tee more interesting by adding an element to your wardrobe. A perfect example is a sweater and jeans with a white shirt underneath. You can even make a more visually appealing outfit with a multi-layered combination like a button-down shirt, under a V-neck sweater, under a blazer. Isn’t it more interesting than just wearing a round neck sweater? 

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  • Use blazers

Who says blazers are just worn in a formal setting? We know you can’t wear a suit whenever and wherever you like, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a blazer in a casual hangout. Choose navy, gray or black blazers to mix with your button-downs, polos, sweaters and tees. Adding a blazer to a simple black tee and jeans can make your outfit look more presentable. 

  • Play with a variety of jackets

Turn your ordinary outfits into something unique. Jackets are more of a statement item that allows you to showcase your personality. Use its versatility to create multiple outfits; you just have to make sure you’re matching them with the right colors. Invest in a bomber jacket, denim jacket, leather or suede jacket, and down-filled vest.

  • Don’t wear black at all times

Black is the most common and the easiest color to find and wear. While this looks so elegant and stylish, wearing it at all times can make you look boring. Instead, pair it with something brown or tan so you can achieve a more youthful aura and wardrobe. 

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  • Consider your belt and shoes

For women, bags and shoes can never go wrong while for men, it’s the belt and shoes that should never be mismatched. You have to coordinate your belt and shoes well. If your shoes are brown, don’t wear a black belt. Instead, use something brown with a slightly lighter or darker hue. 

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  • Wear appropriate accessories

Men wear less accessories than women but even if you have fewer options, you should play around with your accessories to incorporate your personal style. The trick here is to master the art of “less is more” and focus on the perfect items that speak about your personality. It can be a watch, hat, sunglasses, scarf, or jewelry like a necklace or a ring. Remember to just use 2-3 items so you won’t look louder than you actually are. 

Fashion is indeed for everyone. Although you don’t shop for new outfits as often as women do, you should know by now that identifying your style is knowing your deeper self and understanding what’s best for you and what’s not. Above all these, the most important thing is being true to yourself. You should not wear something just because it’s trendy or it’s what people are expecting from you, but your inner self must be happy with your wardrobe. You can even be happier if you use flawless belts, jackets and shoes. Your accessories, especially those of leather material, should be taken care of so you can feel more confident and look more stylish. 

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