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How To Protect your Leather Items This Summer

It’s the time of the year to enjoy the summer breeze while having salty hair and achieving a tan skin. While we are encouraged to drink more water to avoid dehydration, there are also things that can become dehydrated like humans. Those are your prized possessions – your leather bags and shoes. Just like our skin, leather is a natural material which, if not maintained or conditioned, may lose suppleness. So, take proper care of your leather items to last its luster and shine for decades.

During the summer, you should be especially careful not to leave your favorite boots under the sun for long periods of time. Your leather bags and shoes can actually last for decades if you take care of them right. Here are some measures you can take to shield your leather goods from the sun’s damaging rays and prevent it from aging prematurely.


Clean your items regularly

We know you love your leather and want to keep them looking nice and shiny for many years. Whether it’s dry or rainy season, it’s always important to keep your bag clean before applying any sort of protection. Remove any grit, dust, or other debris accumulated on your journey, and clean up any spills to lessen the chance of scratches or stains. Invest in some great products that will keep your shoes looking as good as new. You can use Doctor Leather’s Deodorizer and Disinfectant to keep them clean and fragrant.




Find a place to store your leather where it won’t get too hot or too cold

You may have seen old leather shoes that are cracked and dried out. This is what direct sunlight does. You have to keep your shoes away from outdoor shoe racks so they stay in good shape. Even putting your leather near a window can expose them to sunlight. The best place to keep your leather is in a cool, dark closet that doesn’t get too hot and stuffy. Aside from closets, you can also use racks, or anywhere else that is dark and has air flow.

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Keep them away from direct sunlight

When leather is out in the sun, it wears out faster. Direct sunlight will naturally make your leather goods fade over time. It is because the sun can dry out and crack things. It is not only harmful for human skin but also for leather. So, when you go to the beach this summer, it is never good to use leather bags and shoes. Instead, use beach-ready totes or crochet crossbodies and beach-friendly sandals to complete your outfits. 

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Leather shouldn’t be kept in plastic bags

Leather should never be kept in plastic or grocery bags because it needs to breathe and you should let air pass through it. If you put your shoes in a plastic bag that doesn’t let any air in, they won’t be able to breathe, and they will dry out. If you wrap them in plastic, they might get moldy or change color. Instead of using plastic bags, it’s better to use bags made of fabric  that lets air through.

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Keep your shoes without socks

No matter how exhausted and lazy you are after a long, tiring day, don’t keep your socks in your shoes. They might have a strong smell that makes sweat smell bad in the summer heat. In addition to foot sweat, bacterial growth may also cause foot infections in the summer. 

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Keep them away from water

Despite the fact that leather is a versatile and long-lasting material, it is very easy to get damaged when it gets wet. Water can make leather stiff, change its color, and even cause it to crack and peel. You should keep leather away from water as much as possible. When your bag or shoes get wet, you should dry them right away with a clean, dry cloth or towel. 

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Protecting leather items during the summer is important if you want them to last longer and keep their quality. By doing our tips for you, your favorite leather items will last for years without cracking, fading, or changing colors. Remember that taking care of your leather items keeps them looking nice and saves you money in the long run. 

When there are unanticipated leather emergencies, Doctor Leather at your service! We are committed to providing the highest quality leather care services in the country as we bring your leather goods back to life. Now that we have 19 branches nationwide, we can reach more leather lovers like you, so just visit the nearest store and let us know what we can do for your prized possessions.