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Interesting Ways to Mix and Match Your Clothing to Create Fresh Outfits

A lot of women face the same nuisance every single time they prepare for school, work, casual hangout, and even a party. “I don’t have anything to wear!”, says a woman who has a closet taller than her. Many do not want to wear the same clothes two or three times in a row. They would actually count weeks or months before wearing it again. What could possibly be the reason why it’s hard to choose an outfit when you could actually hold a garage sale or run a thrift shop because of the number of clothes you don’t even wear? It’s simply not being aware of the art of mixing and matching your clothing. 

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Variety and versatility are two things that make up a good wardrobe. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create fashionable outfits nor have a closet like the celebrities’. The secret is to mix and match your clothing and accessories so you can wear something new even if it’s not totally new. All you need is a little creativity and a desire to mix and match. 

Mixing and matching clothes allows you to maximize the style of your pieces and lets you unleash the creative side of you. It also creates a strong statement about yourself, so it’s something that you should consider whenever you have a hard time deciding which outfits to wear. 

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Ways to Mix and Match 

• First, you need clothes with a few basic colors. Then, incorporate your taste and preferences in finalizing your look. 

• You should not buy too many clothes of the same color because you’ll have a hard time mixing and matching them. Instead, have at least one clothing of every basic color and of colors that you love so you can have a lot of options.

• Discover which colors look best with your skin tone. Is it the warm or cool colors? Once you learn the best for you, it’ll be easier to find the perfect match to create a stylish outfit.

• The top half of your body is always the first and more noticeable than the bottom half. You can wear the same bottom with different tops and people would not notice it, but if you wear the same top with different bottoms, you’ll end up looking the same. In short, you should have a lot more tops than bottoms.

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• Never match patterns with other patterns. The rule in fashion is you should have at least 75% of plain clothes, and the rest could have prints. Mixing two plain clothes is fine but mixing two different patterns is totally hilarious. 

• Choose clothes that fit your everyday life. It is better to have pieces that can be worn both formally and casually than owning formal clothes that look awkward at casual settings, and vice versa.

• Accessories, such as jewelry, handbags, sunglasses, scarves, and belts create a great impact in mixing and matching your clothing. You can look different in the same dress when you pair it with different accessories.

• Use a variety of shoes that match your top and bottom. Your footwear is also a bold statement of your style so be aware of how you look from head to toe. 

• Lastly, your hairstyle can also change your overall look. You can wear braids, a simple ponytail, or just let your hair down, but it depends on the style and color of your outfits. It’s better to widen your knowledge about styling your hair, so you won’t look the same in your selfies.


What to Keep in Mind When You Mix and Match

• Be careful when you mix and match bright colors. Doing this will make you look tacky. 

• Don’t wear too many different colors together. It doesn’t look good.

• Don’t wear the same top so frequently, especially if you see the same people everyday like in the office or in school.  

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Mixing and matching your clothes is a challenge but it enhances your creativity and your fashion sense. If you’ve been doing this for quite a long time now, try to compare your outfits from a couple of years ago with your outfits today. You’ll see how big of a change you made for yourself. So, to sum it up, you don’t need a lot of clothes to create fresh outfits; all you need is to be your authentic self with the right amount of confidence.

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