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Protect Your Leather During Wet and Humid Weather

Some people prefer the rainy season more than summer but for your leather items, rain can be a huge threat. One of the reasons why you invest in luxury items like leather bags and shoes is their durability. There is no doubt that this material is durable and long lasting but if it is not looked after with proper care, especially during a humid weather, your prized possessions may shorten their life span. Rain can damage the suppleness of leather and when it’s left untreated, it may become brittle and crack. Moisture can cause molds and may lead to discoloration, stains, and a funky smell. To prevent this from happening, take precautions to protect your leather goods. Remember, prevention doesn’t cost too much; cure does. 


Dry your leather naturally

Don’t panic when your leather gets exposed to the rain. It may damage your items but through proper drying, you can prevent it from cracking. You can gently brush off the dirt and dry off the water at room temperature. Use a newspaper or towel to draw out the moisture. Never dry them through a heater or direct sunlight because your leather will dry and crack when exposed to excessive heat.

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Polish them well

Using a leather polish won’t hurt your wallet, especially your leather goods. It not only prevents moisture from penetrating your bags and shoes, but also restores its natural oils. It also helps to make your leather become shinier and long-lasting. 

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Store them properly

Use a clean cloth to cover your bag before storing them in a box or inside your cabinet. This is to protect your leather from dust and moisture especially in a humid environment. During the rainy season, moisture is very common. Keep them safe in a completely dry place so you can be sure that they will not be affected by the moisture.

For your leather shoes, you can store them in different ways. You can use a shoe tree to maintain their shape, as well as use shoe organizers, shoe racks and cabinets. Most importantly, you need to keep them clean and dry.

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Let them breathe

If your leather goods got wet, you should attend to it immediately. Never leave them untreated so you can avoid the growth of molds and fungus. In some cases, these can severely damage your leather so it is best to do the proper actions right away. 

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Put your handbag in a ‘raincoat’ or slicker when outside

Get a cover or slicker for your handbag to protect it from rain. Bring this anywhere you go so you’re always ready whenever there’s sudden rainfall. You can choose a transparent cover or something with an art printed on them. Apart from protecting your leather items, it can even be  a fashion statement to make you stand out with your leather even when it rains.

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Rain or shine, your leather goods need to be taken care of properly. If you invested in real and quality leather, investing in its proper care and maintenance is a must. Remember, prevention is better than a cure; but if your luxury pieces are severely damaged by those pesky molds or any other cause, there’s a best cure for your bags and shoes. Immediately consult Doctor Leather as we give professional leather care from Cleaning service to Customization, Restoration, Repair, and Replacement services. You can also avail of our Deodorizer and Disinfectant spray so you can always keep your items fresh and clean. 

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You can’t stop the rain from pouring but you can definitely stop your leather from getting damaged. Save the tips above for your leather’s safety!