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Rainy Day Outfits That Will Keep You Pretty and Chic


It’s the second half of the year and the gloomy weather is now more evident. Some days, you don’t feel like going out because your outfit cannot afford to get wet. Gloomy weather doesn’t mean gloomy days are coming for you, though. You can still be as cheerful as the way the sun rises whenever you go out – that is through taking your wardrobe into a different level to effortlessly look chic despite the fear that raindrops might ruin your outfit. There is even a fear of stepping on wet surfaces and getting stained while wearing your favorite shoes or sandals. It’s time to get bundled up with outfits that can keep you away from the hassle brought by the rain. 

Considering the fact that the Philippines has a natural humidity, your wardrobe has to be perfect for uncertain weather — warm (but not too much), protective, and easy to mix and match. Even if the sun shines brightly right before you step out of the house, it is still best to consider the weather’s uncertainty as you plan your outfit from head to toe. No need to question whether it is about to rain or not because the more prepared you are, the better your outfits can be. To give you some tips on how to still look pretty and stylish this rainy season, we’ve come up with some rainy day outfit ideas that you can try. 

  •  Oversized Blazer + Tank Top + Baggy Jeans + Black Shoes + Handbag

An oversized blazer never goes out of style. When you’re in doubt of the weather, go for this outfit. Wearing it with a tank top and denim can keep you warm and cozy.

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  • Oversized Hoodie + Denim Pants + Combat Boots + Handbag

This go-to outfit allows you to be comfortable as it is paired with leather boots to keep your feet dry from walking on those damped sidewalks. Use a handbag to carry your things and to make you look stylish despite the rainy day.

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  • Sweatshirt + Shorts + Sneakers

There are some rainy days when you don’t feel like being completely covered and that’s completely okay. Wearing a sweatshirt and shorts can still keep you pretty while being carefree.

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  • Pullover Hoodie + Jogger Pants + Sneakers

You can still hang out even if it rains outside. Be with your friends and have fun with this pullover hoodie paired with jogger pants. You do not just feel comfortable but this set also got you covered.

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  • Knit Vest + Trousers + Sneakers

Here’s a perfect combination of style and comfort to keep you going through a rainy day. This outfit makes any woman look simple but fabulous. You can even wear an undershirt if you do not prefer a sleeveless.

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  • Cropped Cardigan + Skirt + Boots

An elegant woman can’t say no to a skirt. It’s a part of her wardrobe that she can’t just ignore as it can be worn on a summer or rainy day. Having it paired with a cropped cardigan during gloomy weather makes a woman even more sophisticated. 

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  • Cropped Top + Varsity Jacket + Baggy Pants + Sneakers

Catch up with your friends or visit a store with this style and look cool in your photos. A tank top is so versatile as you can pair this with anything. Feel nostalgic as you remember your teenage self with this varsity jacket and imagine how you keep on shouting your crush’s name while playing his games.

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  • Leather Jacket + Dress + Combat Boots

There’s no way a leather jacket would not be a trend in any season. Wearing this on a rainy day keeps you warm while being fashionable in your dress and boots.

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Rainy days don’t hinder you from wearing chic outfits and looking good. Even if it’s pouring hard, you do not have to worry about having a ruined style because these ideas can help you always look pretty while you stay dry and protected. During gloomy weather, it is certain that you do not just worry about your outfit but also about your accessories. For instance, not all handbags are waterproof even if they’re made from leather. The best thing to do after getting wet from the rain is to wipe it with a soft cloth. Once it is dry, use a leather cleaner over the entire leather surface, then buff the entire surface of the item to protect it. 

Rain can really be a threat to your treasured pieces but to keep it away from having contact with water when you go out, you can use a cover or slicker for your handbag. Doctor Leather has a Deodorizer spray that can help you fight the kulob smell in your items. Bring this anywhere you go to always keep your items fragrant. Pair this product with our Disinfectant spray to keep your items clean and free from germs and bacteria. This duo perfectly maintains and protects your leather so it is best to always have this with you. When your leather is severely damaged and you can’t do anything about it, don’t panic. Your Doctor for leather items is here to treat your adored pieces. Just go to any store near you and our leather experts will magically turn your items into something good and pretty just like you.