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How to Shine Your Shoes Like A Pro

How to Shine Your Shoes Like A Pro

When you’ve invested a considerable amount in your footwear, it’s a must to invest in its upkeep as well. Contrary to what we’ve grown up to believe, that shoe polish you’ve had since forever will probably do more harm than good. So we suggest to keep those polish for other uses, because in cleaning and maintaining those good-looking leather shoes you’ll only need one solution: a leather cleaner.

Creating a fully functional shoe kit at home is easier than you think, but as we’ve mentioned, acquiring the products and tools needed may be an investment for you too. Here we’ve listed everything you’ll need to keep those leather shoes looking good.


A shoe brush is a double-functioning tool since it (1) it allows you to brush off the dirt and dust before the actual cleaning and (2) it can be your tool in applying the cleaner.

How to Shine Your Shoes Like A Pro

A wide shine brush is perfect for applying the leather cleaner since its bigger and can cover wider areas for a shorter time.


Here’s the deal, you don’t need to get yourself a fancy cloth made for delicate cleaning to keep your shoes shining. Actually, old cotton shirts are just what you need for shoe polishing. But if you’ve got bucks to bang, you can get specialized shoe shine cloths like these from Amazon.

How to Shine Your Shoes Like A Pro


The rise of limited edition leather shoes and sneakers have paved the way to the steady rise of artisanal leather cleaners and conditioners in the recent years. If you’re wondering why you should buy them instead of that shampoo your grandma told you to use for your shoes, here’s why: leather cleaner removes dirt and other stains, as well as old polish, better than your average soap while leather conditioner prevents your shoes from drying out and becoming brittle. Think of this combo as what’s appropriate for leather as soap and moisturizer is for our bodies. You can try try Leather Cleaner and Conditioner that is available in the market.

How to Shine Your Shoes Like A Pro


Shoe polish is great for lending color and shine occasionally. However, using it frequently may lead to polish build up so you’ll need to moderate your use of it or just clean your shoes regularly.

How to Shine Your Shoes Like A Pro


Now that you’ve got your nifty tools ready, you’ll surely want to know how to use them. Start by putting down newspaper to keep the liquid off your floor.

First, buff your shoes with the wide shine brush to remove dirt and dust. If your shoes are very dirty or has polish build-up, use leather cleaner on them. Otherwise, simply dampen a soft cloth with water and wipe the surface of the shoe. Then dry them carefully with another cloth.

Using another cloth, apply a thin layer of leather conditioner to your clean shoes. Resist the temptation to use a lot of conditioner – a little goes a long way. Let the product absorb for 20 minutes after the application. You can maximize your time by working on another pair so that you can tend to more shoes in one sitting.

When the conditioner is fully absorbed, you can now proceed to polishing. Just like the conditioner, you should use the polish sparingly, especially in lighter-colored leather. Apply with a fresh soft cloth in a circular motion and let dry for another 10-20 minutes.

The last step is buffing the shoe firmly with the brush, this will work the polish into the leather while removing the excess and give it a little shine.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of a shoe is a must especially if it’s a pair you love and cherish most. But sometimes, when your own work doesn’t do justice to your shoes, or it simply needs a little professional stitch, remember to call Doctor Leather. Our leather specialists will make sure that your beloved leather shoes will look and feel good as new.