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The Biggest Fall/Winter Fashion Trends to Keep You Stylish This 2022


Different fashion trends rise as the season changes and it’s getting harder to sustain the style that matches your personality and preferences. One may be very particular with either neutrals or bright colors but the plentier the designs, the easier it is to know which is perfect for you. In the Fall/Winter Collection, you’ll be seeing new designs that will touch your heart as it has an emotional core running through them.

Designers offered us plenty to look at in their Fall 2022 designs, as well as a preview of where fashion is going this year. Brands displayed light, attractive items like Fendi’s gauzy translucent dresses, Miu Miu’s exposed silky undergarments layered beneath embroidered cutout pieces, Saint Laurent’s high-glamor satin gowns, and Bottega Veneta’s romantic long skirts.

The collections had an emotional core running through them. Some brands have grungier vibes, with melancholy designs centered on layers of black. It’s hard to wrap up the season with so many competing ideas on the runways, but one thing is certain: Creativity is developing, and we’re approaching an exciting period in fashion. Let’s go deeper into what’s on the horizon with some of the biggest fall/winter fashion trends this year.


Pretty Pink

Fall marks the return of hyper-pretty items, with tones of delicate pastel pink. With all of these gorgeous pieces, it’s time to improve the basic clothing in your collection. This is ideal for adding a touch of refined elegance to jackets, blazers, dresses, skirts, and pants while also allowing for the creation of feminine or casual ensembles without sacrificing appeal. 

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Big-time Basics

Basics are back in style, as seen in the opening looks at Bottega Veneta, Prada, and other shows this season. The beauty of Basics is that they don’t come and go like trends. Rather, they are constantly fashionable. Tank tops never go out of style and no matter where you go,  wearing it complements any skirt or pair of pants.

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Heavy-duty Leather

Leather isn’t exactly breaking news. But this season’s leather-wear offering bears little resemblance to what was present in the previous years. With a little help from Miu Miu, ACNE Studios, Diesel, and other companies looking for a different approach for the popular fabric, leather will get the heavy-duty treatment in Fall 2022. This is a perfectly worn-in fabric that has an edgier feel rather than a dainty appearance.

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Bomber Jackets

While leather motorcycle jackets were popular during Spring, bomber jackets are the primary outerwear piece to know about for Fall 2022. The bomber for women has a distinct yet attractive silhouette and offers a variety of styling options. It comes in various styles: oversized, cropped, khaki, or leather. Some of the brands wihch launched its leather bomber jackets are Louis Vuitton, Loewe, and Versace.

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Corporate Dress Codes

Among countless other F/W 22 shows, ranging from neckties and eyeglasses to pencil skirts and three-piece suits, some styles that were once only suited for a day at the office were showcased at Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Ferrari. Some are simple to replicate, while others make use of your favorite party attire to make it feel more office-appropriate. Briefcase bags are also making a comeback (due to Prada’s S/S 22 handbag collection). 

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You thought over-the-knee boots were extinct? Consider again. After a few years out of the spotlight, extra-tall boots returned this season, appearing in practically every show on the F/W 22 calendar. But, of all the boot styles shown, one stood out above the rest: waders. These wide-leg boots seen at Chanel, Dion Lee, Alaïa, and others are going to be a trend many would be willing to wear.

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Floor Sweepers

Maxi hemlines are already popular, and designers have made a compelling case that all things long will be prominent during fall season. Saint Laurent unveiled a great collection of long, flowing dresses paired with tailored coats, while Ludovic de Saint Sernin dropped skirts to the floor and Rokh argued for the ground-grazing duster jacket. 

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Big Clothes

For fall, clothes are getting even bigger and wider. At Peter Do and Louis Vuitton, the suits were unisex and had oversized proportions and dropped shoulders. At Bottega and Brandon Maxwell, the wide skirts got even wider, and Simone Rocha’s collection was heavy on everything big and full of volume. The new proportions apply no matter what category you are looking for. Try wearing big clothes this season and take up a little more space for that stylish look.

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Fashion has always been affected by the realities of life. Trends are now reflecting our world or making it all a little prettier and glitzier to make it easier for everyone to deal with. Leather is unsurprisingly one of the trends in this Fall/Winter Collection because it has never gone out of style. Its material does not just make anyone look elegant but its quality is versatile as you can  use it in any season. Make sure to take care of your leather so you can enjoy its longevity and preserve its beauty. 

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