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Types of Bags That Suit Every Woman’s Personality

Bags are considered the most important accessory of a woman. It may come from different styles and brands but one thing a woman is sure of—it says something about her personality. Wherever a woman goes, she definitely does not forget carrying a bag because it is where she puts her essentials and it adds a sense of confidence to her style.

All bags have different functions and women consider various factors when they choose a bag they will use. Here are some types that reveal about women’s personality. Find out which bag you are. 

1. Clutch

For women who go to parties and gatherings, they usually use a clutch. This carries only the essentials such as lipstick, mobile phone, cards, and some cash. Since this type of bag is highly fashionable, women who use a clutch love dressing up and enjoy festive gatherings.

This leather envelope clutch with shoulder strap from Prada is perfect for parties as it can also be worn as a crossbody or shoulder bag. It comes with a magnetic closure to keep your belongings safe and secure. 

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2. Handbag

An elegant and confident woman carries a handbag as this type of bag can be held in a hand and allows women to walk and pose powerfully. This shows that a woman can multitask because she chooses to have her free hand do or hold something else. For an instance, this Balenciaga small handbag creates a stylish look for a woman holding it. It is made of shiny crocodile calfskin in a curvilinear base.

Handbags say something about a woman’s confidence wherever she goes. 

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3. Shoulder bag

Shoulder bags’ supremacy maintains until nowadays that men can also be seen carrying this type of bag. A woman who carries a shoulder bag loves to multitask. She can use both her arms to do what is needed. She can feel relaxed and go wherever she wants without worrying that she might have forgotten her bag. Coach Design Studio Shoulder Bag gives a woman a free spirit as it has an organized interior and convenient exterior slip pocket. 

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4. Tote bag

An organized and strong woman uses a tote bag. She is not afraid to take a stand on her beliefs and set her goals with a strong sense of initiative. With all the struggles she has been juggling in her life, her tote bag fits on how she successfully accomplishes her endeavors. This Medium Dior Book Tote is a Dior aesthetic bag that holds a woman’s daily essentials. 

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5. Shopping bag

Women who always expect the unexpected are the users of this bag. They want that all essentials are prepared whenever she goes out for a holiday or even for quick meetings. When a colleague suddenly suffers from a headache, she would probably offer medicine because she brings a medicine kit, together with ointments and other essential oils. They love carrying a bag like this because they enjoy spontaneity. Chanel Large Shopping Bag is an example of this type of bag. It is made of calfskin and aged gold-tone metal.

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6. Backpack

This is commonly used by men and women as it is accessible and convenient for all. A woman who uses this bag enjoys being carefree on a summer day, loves walking and appreciating nature. She also doesn’t want an extra strain on the side of her shoulder because using a backpack gives equal weight to shoulders. You can be stylish while being carefree with this Louis Vuitton Montsouris Backpack as it has a vintage-style golden buckle and a subtle LV charm. It also has two adjustable leather straps that make it comfortable to carry.  

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7. Traveling bag

Obviously, a woman who carries a traveling bag enjoys going to different places and is also very practical. A traveling bag carries all the essentials and allows a woman to be organized. Clothes, toiletries, cosmetics, and other belongings are mostly put inside this bag. This makes a woman ready for an adventure and enjoy a whole new experience. The classic Keepall Bandoulière 50 travel bag from Louis Vuitton has a large capacity to carry all your belongings. It has a textile lining, zip closure system, and inside has a zipped pocket to secure your things.

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It is certain that bags never go out of style as it provides more impact and importance to women. For a strong woman, a day without a bag feels strange and incomplete. You just have to choose the right bags that suit your style and needs.

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