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Ways To Pair Watches With Your Outfit

With our busy schedules and fast-paced lives, keeping time is now just as important as dressing appropriately for any occasion. We’ve seen watches evolve from simply a tool to help us tell time to a reliable accessory that you mix and match with each of our styles.

Got no idea how to match your watch with your fashion style? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a short guide on how you can pair watches with your outfit:

  1. Leather is formal

 Ways To Pair Watches With Your Outfit

On your best suit for a wedding or an important business meeting? Pair it with a nice leather watch to keep your style on point.


  1. Metal Bands are casual

 Ways To Pair Watches With Your Outfit


Fancy or not, watches with metal straps are appropriate for casual wear, be it a simple get together with friends or a dinner party with your beau’s family.


  1. Wear your lifestyle

 Ways To Pair Watches With Your Outfit


A sports watch is good for those who are always active. With sleek and durable designs, this watch is a great investment for those who want to keep their health and lifestyle in check.


  1. Go for a classic

 Ways To Pair Watches With Your Outfit


Undecided on what to match with your outfit? Go for a classic black or tan strap with a white face.


  1. Match your outfit’s colors

 Ways To Pair Watches With Your Outfit

Don’t be afraid to make your look monochromatic, sometimes the best way to enhance an outfit is to match it.


  1. Match your digital watches wisely

 Ways To Pair Watches With Your Outfit


Another style that can be paired with casual or sporty looks, digital watches are a techy’s favorite and is a must for those who are always on-call.


No matter how you take care of your watches, time will come that they will look and feel worn and torn. Better bring them to Doctor Leather for repair or restoration so you can enjoy using your favorite watches for a long time.