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What Fashion Looks Like in Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023

Fashion month has come to an end, but if you’re thinking that this season has felt like it offered plenty of styles to try and talk about, you’re not alone. Fashion enthusiasts have always waited for Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023 to get inspired about the blooming collections this year.  

Despite the fact that New York, London, and Milan all provided us with new and great styles, Paris remains the industry’s pinnacle, with big brands that we were all waiting to see on the runways. If you’ve always wanted  tailored coats, sharp blazers, and tights, you can absolutely relate and feel empowered with this collection’s emphasis on refined and ultra-polished takes on wardrobe-building staples. As this season embraces the strange and un-chic, you can as well be creative in layering your outfits.

Basic Instincts

A basic set like Loewe’s gorgeously draped knit is a good idea to start a fashion trend. It’s an essential when going out without exerting too much effort in mixing and matching your set of clothes.

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Black and White

If there’s a set of colors that never goes out of style no matter the season, it’s definitely the combination of black and white.  Everyone would surely agree that it’s a timeless color combination for both men and women. Just look at Louis Vuitton on the runway, and as usual it looks elegant and classic.

Louis Vuitton
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Double Denim

Any woman would never miss out on a comfortable pair of denim pants as it is easy to wear and can be paired to any type of clothing. What more if denim gets doubled? Denim top and denim bottoms – absolutely a perfect match! The Stella McCartney model looked so relaxed and it’s a representation that this style should be part of every woman’s fashion. Look equally cool with double denim!

Stella McCartney
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Leg Work

We get it, not everyone is fond of wearing hosiery, but who knows? You might start liking it now. Sheer, lacy, bright colors — all kinds proved to be the secret behind some of the best looks for brands like Miu Miu, Chanel, and Nina Ricci. A perfect pair of it will level-up every dress and skirt in your closet. 

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Puffer Deluxe

It’s somewhat difficult to wear a cute outfit on a cold day. Would you go for a practical outfit or would you sacrifice your comfort to wear something stylish? With the styles shown at the Paris Fashion Week, you can be both comfortable and fashionable with an edgy, outside-the-box look like Chloé. 

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Take A (Big) Bow

If you find your shirt not eye-catching enough for a casual or grand event, the perfect way to make it dramatic is through an accessory called pussybows — or lavallières in French. Layer this under a blazer, perhaps a mega-shoulder design like Saint Laurent, and you’re good to go. 

Saint Laurent
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Women’s Tie

Traditionally, ties are a menswear staple, but lately it’s becoming famous for ladies, thanks to Wednesday star Jenna Ortega. Try it with a classic button-down, or make a fashion statement by adding the accessory to a stylish gown.

Christian Dior
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It is evident that no matter the season, people love fashion. One thing that you have to remember when it comes to choosing clothes to wear is to invest in the styles you love and want to wear, day in and day out. If you do, you’ll surely have a wardrobe that lasts far beyond any season. These collections from Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2023 might serve as a motivation to try something new and bold for a much improved confidence and style.

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