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Why It Pays to Have Real Leather Items

Genuine leather is one of the most desirable materials available for luxury items such as bags and shoes. Its ability to withstand the test of time is what makes it a luxury material must-have.

Leather’s popularity is rooted in its renowned quality and durability as well as its unique style and timelessness. The resilience of leather makes it practical to use not only for luggage and furniture but also for bags and shoes.

So if you are looking to invest in a luxury leather item, which will you choose? Real or imitation leather? Synthetic leather, leatherette, fake leather, or faux leathers, no matter how you call them, are all not genuine leather and they just cannot compare to the real thing. Some find it hard to differentiate, that’s why we listed down some pointers on how you can distinguish real leather from fake leather.

1.    Real Leather smells nice

–       It has a natural, organic, skin scent that cannot be accurately manufactured. Meanwhile fake leather or leatherette smells like chemicals if the processing isn’t done right.

2.    Real Leather has no patterns

–       Real leather has an inconsistent pattern with minor imperfections and since it is made from animal skin, it has uneven pores. Meanwhile, fake leather is uniform with evenly spread pores.

3.    Real Leather Bags are sturdier

–       The quality of a leather bag will be its biggest telling sign. Leather bags are sturdier, structured, and stand up straight. Fake leather will stay folded and will not stand straight.

4.    Real Leather bags are more expensive

–       A real leather bag is always pricey and no store will sell their leather bags at half price and make a loss. Fake leather items will cost far less than the real leather items.

When you’re buying your fancy leather briefcase, jacket, or shoes, you should know exactly what to look for in your leather. Don’t let faux leather fool you. Keep in mind our tips mentioned above.

Choosing real leather instead of leatherette has its perks too, and here are some:

  • It lasts for years due to its durability. You don’t need to buy new ones regularly
  • Leather bags and shoes are versatile and can lend themselves to many styles and occasions
  • It adds personality to your style;
  • And real leather bags are good investments

Having real leather bags and shoes offers more benefits than you could imagine. Instead of having faux leathers, choose real leathers that will last longer. And in case you already have your leather babies, don’t forget to have them maintained, repaired, and restored at Doctor Leather.

Here at Doctor Leather, we will help you repair and restore leather bags and shoes. Our services go beyond cleaning leather bags and shoes too. We also offer furniture, belt, jacket and accessories repair.

Having real leather items will not just give you the assurance of authenticity, but it will also help you save more money since it is very durable. It lasts a long time, so there’s no need to replace your bags or shoes from time to time. 

The real look of the original leather bag is because of its sturdiness, refined and classy appeal. So next time you spot an amazing leather bag in a boutique window, take a closer look and examine it based on the above points. And for your leather repair and restoration needs, trust only Doctor Leather. Our 15 branches are open to serve you and give you high-quality services.

For your leather emergencies, trust Doctor Leather!