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Why Leather Footwear is The Perfect Choice to Match Your Outfits


A lot of people consider leather footwear to be a part of their outfits because why not? Apart from being a fashion statement, shoes are also a reflection of one’s  personality. You may have different tastes and preferences from others but at the end of the day, everyone looks forward to having a comfortable and stylish look. 

Among the materials for footwear, leather has always been the first choice as it offers various advantages and benefits to the users. Although there are many other materials in the market, people have never been inclined as they are with leather shoes. From comfort and protection to durability, this makes a great addition to whichever outfits you wish to mix and match.


  • Leather shoes are comfortable

In comparison to synthetic shoes, leather shoes are so comfortable that allow your feet to walk and breathe without experiencing pain. It makes your feet cool in heat and warm in a cool setting. Some people experience sweating and it’s a little embarrassing at times but with leather footwear, you can keep your feet in good condition while preventing unwanted odors. 

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  • Leather shoes are durable

It’s a sure thing that you know leather can last for years and oven over a decade. You can always feel confident without worrying about the sudden breaks and cracks of your footwear. Its high-quality material will complement your wardrobe even if you’re just wearing a dress from a thrift store. It can also cater to all your needs and preferences so when in doubt, choose leather.

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  • Leather shoes are incredibly stylish 

Any pair of leather shoes complements the color or design of your outfit and give a unique and fashionable appearance to your overall wardrobe. Whether you’re wearing a casual outfit for a get-together with friends or wearing formal attire for a formal event with co-workers, leather footwear allow you to exude confidence and charisma. 

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  • Leather shoes are easy to clean

Aside from being durable, leather has a unique ability to endure exposure to different substances. You can always clean your leather with high-quality and safe products to get rid of stubborn stains and dull appearance. Doctor Leather offers Deodorizer to keep your shoes fragrant and Disinfectant to keep them clean and flawless.





  • With leather shoes, you get your money’s worth

If you’re thinking about practicality to match all kinds of your outfits, leather footwear is definitely the perfect choice to purchase. Some brands are really expensive but you can go for brands you can afford without compromising on the quality. You will surely not regret spending a peso because you’ll get your money’s worth by being able to use a pair of leather shoes for longer than you think.

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Both men and women can’t help but fall in love with leather. Who won’t love using it, anyway? Just a piece of advice, give your leather shoes some time to breathe. Buy a few pairs you can alternate with every few days so they won’t be worn and torn so easily. Yes, they are durable but remember that too much usage of anything can lead to damage and it’s inevitable to your leather shoes. You shouldn’t be worried, though.  Our leather repair store can accommodate your leather problems whether it’s a little damage or a severe one. Just go to the nearest branch and get a FREE Consultation from the Doctor and let the leather experts do a transformation!