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Your Cheat Sheet in Scoring Vintage Luxury Bag

Brand new designer luxury bags come with a hefty price. Recently, people are getting fond of buying vintage or pre-owned luxury bags. Some vintage bags can be bought with significant discount and you still get to own a piece of history with only minor signs of wear. Some can also be priced much higher than their original price like the Hermes Birkin bags, which are said to be a better investment than gold. 

One of the reasons why selling vintage luxury items is becoming popular is because 90’s fashion trends are also coming back. The value of Dior’s iconic Saddle increased by 191% year-over-year in the secondhand market as well as the infamous Fendi Baguette bag. This smart and fashion-forward move also promotes sustainability on our natural resources. 

If you’re planning to score a vintage or preloved bag, these tips may come handy in picking the right bag. 

1 . Do your research first!

Find a reputable shop to buy your bag to avoid getting a counterfeit one. You also need to check for how long this store has been operating. 

If you also want to know more about your chosen bag’s history, you can also look for it online. Each piece has a narrative to tell and a spirit to it, making it more precious beyond its high price tag.


2. Be realistic with your expectations.

You might observe some slight wear and tear since you’re buying a second-hand bag. You don’t want to be caught off guard when the bag arrives at your home with a few scuffs you weren’t aware of. Always request photos from all angles, sides, and the insides of the bag.


3. Check the seller’s reputation

Do not buy a handbag from sellers who don’t offer a money back guarantee or a clear return policy. Check the reviews from other buyers to see if they are indeed legit.


4. Find the brand that works with your lifestyle. 

Some luxury designer handbags are more suited to your taste and function than others. Ask yourself where you will use this bag and for what occasion.


5. How much are you willing to pay for the bag?

Study the bag’s original price and decide on how much you are willing to pay. If you are planning to get a vintage Hermès, Louis Vuitton, or Chanel, expect to pay a higher price because these bags maintain or even increase their value over time. Just because the bag is vintage, it doesn’t mean that it will be cheap.

Still doubting your purchase?

If you are still skeptical with your vintage bag purchase you can always run to Doctor Leather! We now have the technology to verify the authenticity of your bags in just a few minutes!