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Easy Ways to Check if Your Leather is Real or Fake


Owning a luxury item is a part of many women’s dreams. It is not only a great investment, but also adds elegance and sophistication to their style. Many visit thrift stores to do frugal shopping because they get to find leather items at a cheaper price. It’s both exciting and overwhelming to search for a handbag that suits the buyer’s personality but in purchasing leather, you must carefully check the material because you might be buying an imitation. Discover the easy ways of distinguishing between fake or real leather so you can get your money’s worth and be more confident in using a new item from your collection.



The first thing you should do upon seeing a leather is smell it. If you have smelled real leather before, you will know that it has an earthy and pleasant smell. On the other hand, you know it’s fake when it smells like chemicals or plastic. It’s fortunate that the smell of real leather cannot be imitated easily so through the sense of smell, you will easily know if it is authentic.

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Grain Consistency

After smelling the leather, you can also determine its authenticity through your sense of touch. Both fake and genuine leather can be soft or textured but real leather is grainy in contrast to the sleek look of fake leather. You can touch a random grain pattern in real leather while in faux leather, you can touch a textured pattern which indicates that the material is machine-made. Some imperfections or discolorations can also be found in real leather because it is made from real animal skin while there are no blemishes in faux leather.

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The bag material’s flexibility can also be your basis to check if your leather is real or fake. When you stretch a real leather, it can be flexible while when you gently pull the fake leather, you’ll see that the material does not give in. 

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You will also use your sense of touch to feel the leather’s warmth. When a leather is exposed to sunlight or any other heat source, you will feel that it is slightly warmer because the leather, being a natural material, will absorb heat. On the contrary, a fake leather cannot absorb heat but reflect it.

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Bag Label

Looking at the label of a purse can easily help you determine if it’s real or fake. The fake one indicates that it is made of man-made materials while when you examine a real leather, you can find that the label identifies it as real. If it doesn’t even have a label, then it is totally fake leather.

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Checking the authenticity of the leather is a necessity when purchasing this kind of item. Although you can do it on your own using the simple ways you’ve learned, there is a most reliable way to know if your leather is genuine or fake. 

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