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Stylish Leather Bags for Men


Fashion is not just for women; it is obviously for men, too. As much as women present themselves to the world, men also need to find the right style that suits their personality and preferences. One of the accessories in fashion is a bag that is not just used to show one’s style but most primarily used in carrying your belongings. 

Having a good, sturdy bag made from quality leather is not a luxury, but an investment that men will keep on using for life. May it be for school or for work, a leather bag is essential. Choose the best one for you and know how it will help you in your everyday life.


Messenger Backpack

Back in our elementary days, we all had backpacks because these are convenient and portable. The practicality of using it is combined with the aesthetic of a messenger bag and the functionality of a backpack. It can be worn over one or both shoulders or held by the top handle. It is also useful as it can carry your belongings for work or for school. Additionally, it is comfortable to use as it frees both your hands, allowing you to hold other important items. Although leather backpacks look rough and rugged, these are stylish and are perfect for outdoor activities.

Louis Vuitton Backpack

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Leather Briefcase

Leather briefcases exude a more professional vibe. It’s something you’d expect to see in an office. This type of bag is tough, robust, and wonderfully crafted for the ideal rugged man. Without a doubt, you can carry your items and be at peace with anything that comes your way. It is good to use during a conference or during a weekend retreat. Leather briefcase is a timeless choice for a man who works in a formal or traditional office setting.

GG Black Briefcase

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Leather Laptop Bag 

Simple and subtle – it is how a leather laptop bag looks like, which is a great storage for your essentials when you go to the office. It emphasizes a man’s corporate style while being a lightweight but strong and efficient bag. Having a leather laptop bag is truly an investment for people who are working in the corporate world.

Saint Laurent Laptop Bag

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Duffle Bag

Duffle bags are also called weekenders as they come in a variety of styles that are practically  suitable for any occasion. Its size is typically medium to large to extra-giant. These bags can hold all you need whether you’re going out of town or spending the weekend with family. Leather duffel bags are heavier than canvas duffel bags and it is highly robust that will keep your valuables safe and secure even when fully loaded.

Dior Men travel bag

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Messenger Bag

One of the most popular bags for men is the messenger bag which is proven to be a useful tool in an age when carrying laptops is the norm. It is both classic and flexible which is popular for  college students and professionals. Inside it are a large main compartment that may comfortably store numerous books and a dedicated laptop sleeve that protects your computer. There are also external pockets for pens, business cards, and other items. 

Saint Laurent Solferino medium YSL-plaque leather shoulder bag

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Sling Bag

Add a sling bag to your must-have accessories as it is a practical way to carry your daily essentials. It adds an effortless, chic look even if you are just wearing a plain white shirt and denim shorts. It keeps you hands-free when running an errand as it is made to be worn across your chest. 

Louis Vuitton Avenue Sling Men’s Bag

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Leather is undeniably the perfect choice for men’s bags and luggage because its material is both refined and sturdy, allowing every essential to be stored safely anywhere you go. Owning a leather bag requires proper care and maintenance so you can enjoy its uses for a lifetime. One way of doing so is through the use of Doctor Leather Deodorizer and Disinfectant Spray. These products will keep your bags clean and fragrant so you can always use them comfortably. 

Although leather is long-lasting, it may still get damaged but that shouldn’t be a big problem. Doctor Leather offers excellent Repair and Restoration services for severe damages of your items. Once you experience this, immediately go to any of our branches or contact us for Pick-Up and Delivery Service.

Acquire a timeless leather bag now and maintain it with our services!