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Stylish Leather Bags for Men

  Fashion is not just for women; it is obviously for men, too. As much as women present themselves to the world, men also need to find the right style that suits their personality and preferences. One of the accessories in fashion is a bag that is not just used to show one’s style but …

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Copenhagen Fashion Week: A Home of New Trends

  It’s the month of August and it’s the time of the year for Copenhagen Fashion Week. In this fashion show, women discover the highlights of the most promising brands. The exuberance of the apparel on the runway was mirrored in neon jackets, loafers with thick socks, and statement pieces like Chopova Lowena skirts. Known …

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Our All-time Favorite Leather Bags

There is no doubt about women’s love for accessories, especially those that are on trend. Jewelries and bags usually complete a woman’s outfit, whether it’s just an ordinary day or there’s a special occasion to celebrate. Despite existing trends, women surely have their favorites. Get to know women’s all-time favorite bags and why they can’t …

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Iconic Women’s Bags of All Time

Handbags are no longer just a fashion accessory or something to store your belongings when going out – they have become a symbol of power, style, and class. The most powerful women of the world have given them new life and new meaning thus making the bags iconic. However, what makes them iconic is not …

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Bags You’ll Fall in Love with this Valentine’s Season

Have you experienced falling in love? If yes, isn’t it the most satisfying feeling ever? Falling in love does not necessarily mean having feelings for another person, because love can be felt even in the tiniest of things. You can love a book, you can love food, a coffee shop, a fictional character, a pair …

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A Guide to Bag Restoration in Manila, Philippines

  For most people, leather purses and handbags are personal items that many of us are more than willing to pay for. Though women have a tendency to “invest” in handbags more than men, men nowadays tend to carry luxury bags and purses as well.   Just like a diamond engagement ring or watch, you …

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