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Genuine Leather: The Best Material for your Bag

For years people have been using leather for clothing, accessories and footwear. Its durability and ability to withstand heavy usage has made it a common material for bags. 

However not all leather bags are actually made of real leather. Genuine leather is considered to be one of the most desirable and aesthetically pleasing materials to use for bags, shoes, and furniture. However other bags are made of leatherette, which is a much more affordable material but more prone to peeling and only lasts a couple of years (sometimes even shorter). 

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing leather over leatherette:


Leather is incredibly long-lasting. It may easily survive for 15 years or more if in good condition and with regular care and maintenance. It is extremely resistant to tears and cracks. By investing in quality leather goods, you are actually purchasing an item that may potentially last a lifetime.

Undeniable elegance

A leather product is simply incomparable when it comes to its distinct sense of beauty and class. Whether it’s navy-blue, crimson, or basic black, you will probably feel like the classiest person in the room.


Leather, since it comes from animals, “breathes”. It is dynamic and adapts to its environment. When wet, permanent stains may still be avoided if allowed to dry properly. 


Leather can be recycled. Other leather junkies have also come to a trend of repurposing their old handbags. Here at Doctor Leather, we can turn your classic LV Monogram into smaller pieces such as cardholders, key chains, cupholders and agenda notebook covers.


Being flexible only adds to the value of leather because it conforms to its owner’s lifestyle, shape, and method of use. With all of the hype about how durable and indestructible leather is, one could come to believe that leather is akin to rock or wood. But it is clearly not the case. Leather grows increasingly flexible with time while maintaining its form and strength. This is why you shouldn’t be concerned if a leather item you acquired initially appears woody and then continues to soften; this is normal and not a negative thing.

Leather can be engineered to be both durable and soft enough for comfortable footwear. It is an excellent material for dress gloves as well as protective, abrasion-resistant motorcycle gloves. Leather may be used to produce the softest outerwear or the firmest walking boots. 

You can bring it to Doctor Leather for repair

The path to sustainability begins with items that can be mended for extended usage. Leather requires regular maintenance and Doctor Leather can do that for you! Doctor Leather strives to preserve traditional artisan techniques by helping in the maintenance and restoration of your cherished leather bags and footwear.


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